Rufus Lin is a Canadian jazz performer and recording artist, as well as a classical composer, based in Vancouver and Tokyo. For over ten years, he has given jazz concerts once every two months in Tokyo–in recent years, these have been on a Fazioli grand piano at Shibuya Hall. He currently performs jazz piano live almost every day on streaming platforms such as Clubhouse and Instagram Live. Rufus Lin has released several albums and singles, both as CDs and on streaming platforms such as “Amazon Music, “Apple Music” and “Spotify”. These albums vary in genre, including healing piano, contemporary classical and jazz standards. As a composer of classical music, he has published a variety of pieces for orchestras, choirs, ensembles and solo instruments. Some of these pieces have been performed in Japan and South Korea.


ルーファスリンは最近ではクラブハウスやインスタグラムライブでほぼ毎日ジャズピアノ生演奏ライブを配信しています。ルーファスリンはシングル・アルバムともに数多くの楽曲を「Amazon Music」や「Apple Music」「Spotify」にてストリーミング配信、デジタル音源の販売、CD販売としてリリースしています。これらのアルバムは「ヒーリングピアノ」「コンテンポラリークラシック」「ジャズスタンダード」など色々なジャンルでリリースされています。。クラシック音楽の作曲者として、オーケストラ、合唱団、アンサンブル、ソロ楽器向きで様々な曲を出版してきました。数曲は日本と韓国で演奏されました。

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Rufus Lin is a Canadian jazz recording artist, composer who lives in Vancouver. He is active in Vancouver and Tokyo….more