Vancouver Jazz Piano Recital Series 2022







For 2022, Rufus will be giving a solo jazz piano recital every month at two locations: the Lulu Island Winery and the Fazioli auditorium at Showcase Piano’s Broadway location in Vancouver.
The first performances in the series are on Jan 23rd at 4pm (Lulu Island Winery) and Jan 28th at 6pm (Showcase Pianos Broadway).
Rufus will perform on one of the world’s most exclusive pianos, a Fazioli grand piano. Fazioli was the instrument played by this year’s International Chopin Piano Competition winner Bruce Liu, of Canada.

※BC-issued Covid-19 vaccination card and government issued photo ID with the same name as the card are necessary to attend this recital. A mask has to be worn throughout.


Jazz on a Fazioli grand piano

Vancouver Jazz Piano Recital Series 2022 @Showcase Pianos
West Broadway, Vancouver, BC

Fri 28 Jan

6pm to 7pm

Ticket $10 +tax 

LIVE Jazz at the Winery

Vancouver Jazz Piano Recital Series 202@Lulu Island Winery
Richmond BC

Sun 27 Feb

4pm to 5:30pm

Ticket $20 +tax (Includes glass of wine and snacks)

Rufus Lin

International Jazz Pianist
Purest Jazz Recording Artist
Social media followers: 7,000+
Recitals in Tokyo since 2010: 100+
Performs on: Fazioli Grand Piano