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Rufus Lin Contemporary Classical

 Although he is well known as a jazz singer and pianist, Rufus Lin is also a serious classical music composer. Rufus Lin’s classical compositions (scores and audio files) are available below, on this page. Scores are free to download.
 These music scores have been made available by the composer for free download. However, they are intended for your personal use. Any public or private performance, issue of recordings, arrangements of the music, use of sync rights, etc., requires the usual copyright clearance through performing rights organizations or directly with us, depending on the performance intended.

A Tiny Bell In Daegu for YoonYoung Choi

This charming piano piece involves a lot of black keys, thus giving it a characteristic sound. The sound of a small bell comes through clearly amid the ebb and flow of the music. It was composed by Rufus Lin for Korean concert pianist Yoonyoung Choi. A performance by the composer can also be heard on the usual streaming services.

At That Time for YoonYoung Choi

One of the longer pieces for piano composed by Rufus Lin, this rhapsodic stream of aching melodies, wistful arpeggios and rich chords is dedicated to the composer’s main muse, the gifted Korean pianist YoonYoung Choi, whose performance he greatly admires.

Variations on Finlandia (Sibelius) for Shigeki Okawa

A piano piece composed by Rufus Lin for Prof Shigeki Okawa, one of the founders of the classical piano club on Clubhouse.

THE WINDS OF TIME: (I) Morning Rhapsody

The first song in The Winds Of Time series. This series is composed with the theme of “time”

Sunrise for Kazumi

A song written 20 years ago, inspired by Chopin’s collection of preludes. It is a set with Sunset.

Sunset for Sachiko

A song written 20 years ago, inspired by Chopin’s collection of preludes. It is a set with Sunrise.

Happiness Forever for YoonYoung Choi

A piano piece dedicated to Korean pianist YoonYoung Choi.
Rufus listens to her performances often, so he composed this with her sensibility and expressive range in mind.

Song of Encouragement for medical workers

A piano piece written for Gen Segawa’s recital in support of medical workers in Japan, under the Ongakuno Senbaduru (1,000 musical cranes) project organized by Rufus Lin.

Primavera for unaccompanied violin

A rare piece by Rufus Lin for unaccompanied violin. Written in 2016.

Elegy For My Mother

A commemorative song dedicated to his late mother by composer Rufus Lin. This work is scored for three woodwinds and three strings.

Ballade for Ryoko Sakamoto

A piano piece composed by Rufus Lin for Japanese pianist Ryoko Sakamoto.

Good Friday

A string quartet written by composer Rufus Lin for his parents.

Au Canada

Composed in 2015, this neobaroque, contrapuntal piano work is based on the harmonic progressions of O Canada, the national anthem of Canada.

Nearer My God To Thee

Rufus Lin composed this song in memory of his late mother, shortly after her passing around Christmas 2020. The work is scored for SATB choir.

Encounter for Eunbin Ko

A piano piece composed by Rufus Lin for pianist Eunbin Ko.

Celebration for Yoshifumi Chiyohara

A song composed by Rufus Lin for Mr Chiyohara, one of the founders of the classical piano club on Clubhouse, to commemorate the achievement of 1,000 members of the club.


Rufus Lin

Canadian jazz performer and recording artist, as well as a classical composer, based in Vancouver and Tokyo.

JS Bach Fugue 24 in B min, Well Tempered Klavier I.

J.S. Bach, Well Tempered Klavier Book I Fugue 4 in C# minor.

J S Bach Fugue no. 12 in F min, Well Tempered Klavier Bk 2.

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