Rufus Lin LIVE
in Osaka!
@Osaka harmony hall

Sep 7, 2022

After many years of Tokyo recitals, this was the first performance in the Kansai area in Japan in nine years.

Rufus played to a full house at Harmony Hall, a fully-equipped Osaka concert hall.

Rufus usually plays a Fazioli concert grand, but this time, he performed on a Steinway grand piano.
Rufus made time for a meet and greet with several fans living in Osaka, including some who came all the way from neighbouring prefectures.

Here are some excerpts from letters received after the concert.

The live performance was very nice, with a selection of well-known and familiar pieces.
I play piano in a jazz orchestra, so I was very interested in this concert.
I also had a chance to get to know Rufus’ personality, which made me feel very comfortable.
Thank you very much for the precious time we were able to spend with him.
The Steinway & Sons piano had a wonderful characteristic clear bass and clear treble,
and I enjoyed the variety of musical expressions produced with the piano. / Ms. O

The concert venue had a good resonance even with live sound, so it was very enjoyable.
The music was all well-known, and even those who do not listen to jazz could enjoy it. I was also able to listen to his talk, so I left satisfied.
He seemed to like playing solo piano (it gives him a lot of freedom), but I would like to hear him play with a trio or something like that. / Mr. F

I was mesmerized by the lovely tone and gentle atmosphere. I wanted to listen to it all night long, preferably with a drink in my hand.
I would like to go back to listen again. I’ll be waiting for you in Osaka! / Mr. E