Rufus Lin

Canadian Jazz Pianist and Classical Composer

Canadian jazz pianist, contemporary classical music composer, recording artist, and Immersive Jazz pioneer, based in Vancouver and Tokyo.

Immersive Jazz

Rich improvisations on the piano, incorporating both classical and jazz styles

In 2023, Rufus Lin issued an artistic manifesto, defining a new subgenre of jazz, and he now performs almost exclusively in that style.


Based in Vancouver and Tokyo

Since the year 2010, he has given well over 100 solo piano recitals on various stages in Japan, with a focus on Tokyo.


English-Japanese bilingual performance

He is proficient in languages and serves as a bilingual MC in both Japanese and English while performing live, blending his musical performances with his role as an MC.


Released a diverse array of albums and singles

They cover various genres such as Healing Piano, Contemporary Classical, Jazz Standards, and their music is available not only on CDs but also on streaming platforms.


Published a wide variety of pieces for orchestras, choirs, ensembles and piano

Many of these pieces have been performed by various orchestras and artists.


Rufus's activities

He organized the “Thousand Cranes Project,” a series of concerts in Japan for those working on the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic. He has also given interview to various medias.