Rufus Lin is a Canadian singer-songwriter and electropop music producer-arranger, based in Vancouver and Tokyo. He releases music under the various labels managed by Rufus Lin Productions.

He produces English and Japanese pop, jazz and alternative songs, which can be listened to on the major streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Amazon Music and Google Play Music.

Rufus arranges and records his own electropop music, in both English and Japanese, at studios in Vancouver and Tokyo, and his recordings sometimes feature selected Japanese vocalists active in the Tokyo indie scene.

Rufus also performs jazz standards live with his jazz trio, every two months, at jazz venues in Tokyo. When singing jazz, and accompanying himself on the piano, Rufus Lin is known for his clean and distinctive vocal sound, especially when it comes to ballads. His piano playing is now virtuosic, now meditative, but it always swings. At the same time, despite his love for Oscar Peterson, Bill Evans and the grand old style of “trad jazz”, his playing is often interspersed with more progressive styling, including sparse voicings and surprising melodic extensions reminiscent of Keith Jarrett or Herbie Hancock.

In addition to his jazz work, Rufus Lin writes, performs and records songs in Japanese. The love songs he writes are sometimes bright and sometimes sad, but they often reach a place deep inside your heart.

Rufus has also recorded “healing piano improvisations”. These are certainly worth a listen, as they do not fit into any particular genre. They seem to be classical in feeling, in the same way that a movie score, some types of world music, or certain jazz ballads are. They are an atmospheric blend of Debussy-like impressionism and Chopin-like romanticism with Jimmy van Heusen-like lyricism and Duke Ellington-like emotion.

Every one of these solo piano extemporizations was improvised without any preparation or sketches whatsoever, truly reflecting the expression of the artist at that moment. A number of these albums are available on iTunes (search for Rufus Lin).

Please enjoy the music of Rufus Lin!


Music, painting, writing, media, design.

Please enjoy the artistic creations of Rufus Lin.

Rufus Lin is a music producer, jazz singer/pianist and songwriter active in Vancouver and Tokyo.