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Canadian Jazz Pianist and Classical composer active in Vancouver/Tokyo

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Everything happens to me

Rufus Lin

Vancouver Jazz Piano Recital 2023

Richmond resident and international jazz concert pianist Rufus Lin performs  monthly recital series at Lulu Island Winery (Richmond) and Showcase Pianos (Vancouver)

New Release

The Art of Healing Piano

Rufus Lin’s latest album of healing piano music takes fans to new heights of musical expression, The eleven tracks are characterized by the ebb and flow of passion and restraint, informed by this pianist’s typical sensitivity. The result is a mix of soaring melodies, occasional counterpoint, complex harmonies and minimalistic ambient tones.
The music on this album makes clear that Rufus Lin’s compositions and improvisations have a far stronger classical music orientation than the work of many current neoclassical composers, which tend to incline toward cinematic or spa mood music, with a focus on ambience and repetition, This album has digital versions.

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【Jazz Artist-in-Residence 2023, Lulu Island Winery】

Vancouver Jazz Piano Recital Series 2023

30 April

Start 4:00 PM

Jazz Piano Live Stream@YouTube

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Rufus Lin is a Canadian jazz recording artist, composer who lives in Vancouver. He is active in Vancouver and Tokyo….more